True or False Trivia: Weekend at Bernie’s


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

1) After Richard knocks out the man that Bernie fired, he informs Larry “You can come out now Rambo.” First Blood, the first Rambo movie, was also directed by Weekend at Bernie’s director Ted Kotcheff. The gardener in the film (George Kee Cheung) wears a costume similar to the one in Rambo: First Blood Part II, in which he was the film’s villain.

Rambo villain explode


2) The movie was originally intended to be just about two guys going to their boss’s beach house for the weekend and making fools of themselves, but things changed drastically when Terry Kiser (Bernie) went out partying one night with screen legend Barry Bostwick. Bostwick, driven to madness in 1974 after an abusive sexual affair with Tim Curry, decided to teach the boorish Kiser a lesson in manners by giving him a hot dose (heroin mixed with battery acid). Contrary to Bostwick’s intent, Kiser loved the hot dose and became a partying madman all night long. Finally, after the 13th hot dose, Kiser finally passed out, and would not awaken for eight years. Seeing a golden opportunity, screenwriter Robert Klane rewrote the script into the movie we love today, and Kiser’s body was subjected to unimaginable horrors to achieve comedic affect. Klane was so grateful to Bostwick that he cast him in the sequel. Unfortunately, Kiser’s agent, despite the fact that Kiser was now essentially an unblinking log of meat, demanded $40 million for his client’s services, which was 75 times the movie’s budget. However, Bostwick came to the rescue once again, sneaking into Kiser’s Hollywood compound one night and expertly removing his face, then playing the role of Bernie himself while wearing Kiser’s skinned face, as well as the role of the film’s villain. Bostwick was famously snubbed by the uptight Oscar elite that year, but the entire incident made Jonathan Silverman go permanently into hiding, which was good.

Bostwick Megaforce


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9 thoughts on “True or False Trivia: Weekend at Bernie’s

  1. Remember that time we shot up all of that heroin and lived on the streets of Akron for a month? God damn, those were the days!


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