Shake the Scene: Pimp Counsels


Willie Dynamite (1974) and Black Dynamite (2009)


The Scenes: A collectavization of the most righteous pimps in the game.

Why I Love These Scenes: Outside of Dolemite, Willie Dynamite is probably the finest blaxpoitation movie about a  pimp ever made, and one of the best movies ending in -ite, along with Black Dynamite. One thing both Willie and Black Dynamite have in common are amazing scenes of pimps getting together for a meeting about unifying their businesses. In Willie Dynamite, it seems, against all logic, that they were trying to be serious, but everything about it is over the top and hysterical, particularly the performance of Bell, who seems like a mystical sorcerer. Black Dynamite parodies this pimp counsel scene perfectly by nailing the absurdity dead-on. Although it’s hard for me to decide whether Milky Way or Captain Kangaroo Pimp is funnier. Judge for yourself. And remember, I was the one who turned you on to the game when you wasn’t nothin’ but a little jailhouse tramp.

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