True or False Trivia: Turner & Hooch


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Turner & Hooch (1989)

1) A line from this film where Turner yells at Hooch to not eat the car was used in animation test footage for Toy Story (1995). When Tom Hanks saw the test footage, it convinced him to take on the role of Sheriff Woody.

Tom Hanks Woody


2) Filming was delayed numerous times, as Tom Hanks kept firing the dogs playing Hooch. Hanks’s official explanation for this was that the dogs kept upstaging him, and many refused to memorize their lines but sources close to the production indicated that Hanks fired the dogs simply to mess with his brother, Jim. Tom Hanks had signed on to Turner & Hooch five years prior, and Jim was hired to raise and train nine dogs to be used in the movie. For five years, Jim was dedicated to those dogs, spending nearly every waking hour with them, and grew to think of them as his sons. That made it hurt all the deeper when Tom humiliated the canines by firing them unceremoniously while staring unblinking into Jim’s eyes, often after chaining Jim to a wall. After firing the ninth and final dog, Tom insisted to the director that Jim take over the role of Hooch, forcing Jim to wear painful prosthetics and constantly whipping him with a chain until he perfected the pitch of Hooch’s bark. When filming wrapped after 18 grueling months, Tom berated Jim for nearly ruining the picture, telling him, “You drooled 10 times as much as those god damn mutts!” Turner & Hooch was nominated for a Young Artist Award in the “Best Family Motion Picture – Comedy” category, thereby fully justifying Tom’s actions.

Turner and Hooch


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