Reel Quick: Black Dynamite


Black Dynamite (2009)


Starring: Michael Jai White, Tommy Davidson, Byron Minns, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Obba Babatundé

Directed by: Scott Sanders

Synopsis:  The Man has killed Black Dynamite’s brother Jimmy, so he declares war, cleans up the streets and keeps smack out of the orphanage (with a quick stop at Kung Fu Island) with the help of brothas Bullhorn and Cream Corn.

Best part(s): Pick one:

OK, I’ll stop, I could list Black Dynamite scenes all day.

Worst part(s): The restaurant scene where Black Dynamite and his crew figure out the evil scheme behind Anaconda Malt Liquor is very funny, but just feels kind of out of place in this movie.

Best line(s): Militant 2: “Sarcastically, I’m in charge.”

Best song on the soundtrack: “Cleaning Up the Streets”

Nudity: More than half a titty.

Overall: Black Dynamite is a genre spoof, and it’s absolutely perfect. For fans of Blaxploitation such as myself, these guys nailed everything from the look to the dialogue to the music (listen to the entire soundtrack and also the amazing instrumental score here) to the ridiculousness of everything and even the goofs, such as boom mikes appearing in the shot, horrible editing and actors accidentally speaking the parenthetical parts of their cue cards (like in the above, “Sarcastically, I’m in charge.”). Even though there aren’t any big names in this everyone is cast perfectly, particularly Tommy Davidson and Michael Jai White, who should never not have an afro and a mustache. But what really makes this movie so great is that it nails the spoof aspect and is still hilariously funny. For me it just hits every note that I love and I can safely say that it’s my favorite comedy ever (I love the Adult Swim show too but the constant bleeping drives me nuts). I HIGHLY suggest you check this out and put yo’ ankles in it!

Score: 9.5 bottles of Anaconda Malt Liquor (out of 10)

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