Mirth Madness: Group 3 Results!!

Mirth Madness_Banner

Ed (52%) made Josh Baskin (48%) feel small!
Alice Huff and Chip Douglas tied, so the coin toss winner is… Chip Douglas!
Tommy Callahan (79%) cured Alan’s (21%) hangover, with defeat!
Thurgood Jenkins (71%) smoked Smokey (29%)!
Jake Blues (71%) sent Dell (29%) on a cab ride to hell!
Long Duk Dong (70%) beat grandpa Irving Zisman (30%) badly!
Mrs. Doubtfire (78%) won the tranny tussle with Tootsie (22%)!
Del Griffith (71%) shat in Megan Price’s (29%) sink!


RIGHT NOW is you last chance to vote in Group 4! The second round starts tomorrow! Don’t miss out on this amazing financial opportunity!

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