Movie Music Mega Madness: Meet The Feebles



Meet The Feebles (1989)

Meet the Feebles_posterI’m willing to bet some hard earned Hard Ticket to Home Video dollars that most of you never knew Peter Jackson made movies in the 80s. And even if you did know this fact, you probably haven’t seen any of his work save maybe Dead Alive or The Frighteners. But alas, the somewhat stout Kiwi director has made a good name for himself for big budget extravaganzas like The Lord of the Rings, King Kong and now his Hobbit trilogy but way back in the 80s and 90s he made quirky, silly and sometimes, especially in the case of Heavenly Creatures, beautiful films. Hollywood caught on to his keen directing eye and flair for good special effects and for good reason. I first caught on to Jackson while browsing my local mom-and-pop video rental store “Easy Video” and saw this cover for a sci-fi/horror film:




Bad Taste_poster

Well I rented that sucker immediately. How can you possibly pass up a movie that has THAT on the cover!? Me and my brother loved the hell out of that cheaply made schlock and I later learned Jackson and his friends made that movie over the course of four years and he did everything himself, from make-up to costumes, prop design and masks and making (he even made realistic looking fire-arms). Just having a good ‘ol time working on his little film on his free time and his passion paid off splendidly. I can go on and on at how awesome this film is but that’s for another time. If you have the chance—GO and SEE this film.

Anyway, On to his next film, Meet the Feebles, which is a vile, lewd, crude, tactless and nasty Muppets spoof. There’s puppets who do heroin, have sex and attempt suicide. Suffice to say, DO NOT show this film to your kiddies. Towards the end of the film, there’s a musical number that has stuck in my mind since I saw it in college. SODOMY!



8 thoughts on “Movie Music Mega Madness: Meet The Feebles

  1. Wow dude, I just realized that I haven’t truly lived yet because I haven’t seen either of these movies. I need to make some changes in my life, immediately.


  2. These 2 movies rule! So cool you high-lighted Jackson’s early works with this post. They need more attention. Nice job!


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