Movie Music Mega Madness: Howard The Duck



Howard The Duck (1986)

OK, OK, I know what you’re all thinking. Howard the Duck? Have you guys completely lost your fracking minds?! Nope. I, for one, always loved Howard the Duck, the totally misguided and misfired Marvel Comic dud produced by none other than George Lucas. I watched it a few years back on DVD and still enjoyed the heck out of it. It’s amazing it was ever made at all much less have Lea Thompson, fresh off the hugely successful Back to the Future star in it as bombshell rock musician Beverly Switzler and up and coming actor Tim Robbins. And you can’t tell me that the dark overlord aliens weren’t one of the best 80s creatures. But I’m going to save more praise for a future post on Howard the Duck in greater detail so I’ll stop here and just go on about how awesome the music is.

Surprisingly the music was great in such a bad 80s movie. Besides the annoyingly catchy Howard the Duck theme song, I love the soundtrack as well as the score by John Barry. Lea Thompson’s band the Cherrybombs have a tune or two (besides the Howard the Duck theme) and specifically, the first one, “Hunger City” I appreciate more today than I did as a youngster. 

Most people can hate on Howard the Duck but lets not forget it also gave us this:



10 thoughts on “Movie Music Mega Madness: Howard The Duck

  1. Dude. Literally about to watch this, thinking about doing it as a Throwback Thursday entry. . . I am both looking forward to it and greatly dreading it, becuse. . . . .well, jesus h christ. Pick a reason. lol.

    But the last picture is good.


  2. I love the Howard the Duck soundtrack, it is super 80s sounding but pretty much every tune is catchy. John Barry and Thomas Dolby did a bang up job with it.


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