Shake the Scene: The Fly


The Fly (1986)

fly_xlgThe Scene: Seth Brundle is one helluva arm wrestler!

Why We Love This Scene: While David Cronenberg’s Sci-Fi/Horror remake has a ton of classic memorable scenes, the arm wrestling scene in particular is one of our favorites for one small detail—Goldblum’s very casual and douche-baggy reaction to breaking a poor slob’s arm. His dead-pan expression and slight arm raise denote how little he cares for causing his opponent pain and anguish. His arm raise is especially hilarious to me since he means it like “it was an accident; it was legit, I had nothing up my sleeve to make me break his arm—it was sheer brawn.” Sadly, crummy YouTube doesn’t have the whole scene but after breaking the dude’s arm and not giving a hot shit about it, he then steals the dude’s girlfriend (I think it was his gal) and runs out of the bar. Another reason I really enjoy this scene is while I’m not squeamish at all when it comes to blood and guts in horror movies and actually enjoy seeing someone get mutilated, the one thing that gives me chills is bones breaking, especially fingers for some reason. Seeing the guy’s arm break and have such a gory and graphic compound fracture highlighted on screen like that is the most terrifying thing in the film for me.

12 thoughts on “Shake the Scene: The Fly

  1. When I worked as a guard at the hospital sometimes the correctional officers would have to fingerprint a deceased inmate and sometimes when the hands were closed and rigor mortis had set in they would have to break the fingers to be able to get the ink and fingerprint card on them. Snap, crackle, pop. Just thought I would share with you.


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