You Dumb Kids Week: The Naked Gun


By Brad

The scene where Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley) is sucking on Frank Drebin’s (Leslie Nielsen) finger in a very erotic way and Drebin matter-of-factly says: “I’ve got nine more.” I didn’t get that joke until 5 years ago. As a young kid (11-ish) I assumed the more innocent approach which was he was just reminding her that he had nine more fingers and me not seeing the actual sexual nature behind the joke. When I grew older and finally knew what oral sex was I was so confused that he said, “I’ve got nine more” because I thought he would be more interested into getting the oral sex and maybe wryly saying he has TEN more, referring to his penis but I wasn’t that bright even as a late teen I guess. Ironically, I DID get the joke albeit unknowingly as that 11-year-old. Weird.


8 thoughts on “You Dumb Kids Week: The Naked Gun

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