You Dumb Kids Week: Grease


By Brian’s sister, Kim

When Danny and Sandy are at the drive in and he gets a little randy with her, he’s all hot n heavy and when she jumps out of the car and slams the door it hits him and he groans in pain. I always thought she shut his thumb in the door since that actually happened to me when we were little. It was only when I saw this again, much later, did I realize the door really hit him in his happy manly area.

Grease Danny car door

10 thoughts on “You Dumb Kids Week: Grease

  1. When I first actually understood the words of some of the songs in Grease I was properly shocked. Goodness knows why but I thought the bit where it goes “the chick’s will cream” I thought it was “with cheeks of cream”. Like that makes sense??


  2. I’m just shocked that Brian has a sister! And that I clicked on that link and watched that clip. And that I’ve totally not seen that movie so had to Google the line. And that I just spent all that time doing that.

    But I think I always knew that Travolta hurt his pee-pee in Grease.


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