You Dumb Kids Week: Rocky IV


By Screenkicker!


I know that ‘You dumb kids’ is about the silly things you thought about movies as a child. However I’d like to introduce a twist to this concept. This tale features a man in his thirties who might be the dumbest kid ever. Let me explain.

I was talking to a friend about my favourite films. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Do you like Rocky 4?”

Him: “Is that the one where he fights the robot?”

Me: “What the fuck?”

Him: “Yeah he fights a big Russian robot.”

Me: “Why do you think he’s a robot?”

Him: “There’s a bit in the film where someone says ‘he’s a machine!’ and he’s always connected up to wires and shit.”

There you have it, a grown man who thinks that Ivan Drago was an android due to one throwaway line that’s obviously not supposed to be taken literally. I think I broke his heart a little when I explained this to him. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little magic and whimsical imagination in your life—even if you’re a 31 year old man idiot.

Rocky IV

16 thoughts on “You Dumb Kids Week: Rocky IV

  1. Wait… he wasn’t an android?? I just watched this during a Rocky Christmas marathon and I’m sure I remember a scene where Paulie sneaks into Drago’s locker room dressed up like Natasha from Bullwinkle and frashizzles out one of Drago’s transistors with his lit cigar.

    Maybe I was watching the Irish version.

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