You Dumb Kids Week: Who Framed Roger Rabbit/The Smurfs


By Mojo’s Work


No movie damaged the brains of impressionable youngsters growing up in the 80s quite like Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Toons and humans side-by-freaking-side, man. They were REAL.

I got into an argument with my mom one day over whether it was dinner time or Smurf-watching time. I was under the impression TV was always live, so I couldn’t miss this episode. (Apparently, I had never seen a re-run. Of anything. Ever.) She said something to the effect of, “They’ll be on again, now eat your macaroni.”

TANGENT: We frequently ate buttered macaroni with bacon bits mixed in, and somehow no one in my family has had cardiac arrest or a waistline that exceeds pant length. MYSTERIES ABOUND.

I argued the Smurfs would move onto new adventures and Mom said they weren’t even real, to which I replied, “WELL! ALL MY CHILDREN IS FAKE, TOO, THEN!”

I really got her. Like, burrrrrrrn. And then… she answered, “I know.”

Bubble. Burst.


23 thoughts on “You Dumb Kids Week: Who Framed Roger Rabbit/The Smurfs

  1. Oh man, it always stings when you’re a kid and you think you’ve finally outsmarted your parents, but then they still manage to get that last word. I feel your pain at finding out that the Smurfs weren’t real. I felt the same when I found that out about the California Raisins. For some reason, I just really thought they were real.


  2. The first time I was aware of reruns was sometime circa 1984 when my dad got so annoyed at seeing a particular episode of Hulk Hogan’s Rockin’ Wrestling be on Saturday morning again. He didn’t even watch the show but was flabbergasted at how often they replayed their episodes. I was like, “Huh? But it feels new to me” which is really dumb but as kids, we could watch the same episode a dozen times a day and not give a shit.


  3. My dad was…. um… rather harsh on me and I remember one time some TV talk show (Hollywood Tonight??) was doing an interview with the actors who voiced The Smurfs and I wanted to watch it SO FUCKING BAD but it was dinner time and when I opted to watch TV instead of going to dinner I got spanked with the ERIC BE GOOD paddle and then grounded from TV for two weeks.


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