Ask Professor Popcorn: The Hulk


This one comes from the realm of Facebook, where I’m banned because of vicious accusations that I’ve been stalking Paul Giamatti on there:


Dear Mr. Smiley,

During the events of The Avengers, the Hulk is shot several times all over his body with lasers, and he was also caught up in many fiery explosions (see below video), yet his hair remained fully intact. So the answer to your question is yes, the Hulk’s hair is indeed invincible and since he uses Moroccan oil daily, it has a natural, silky finish and brilliant shine.

To answer your other question, I was a body hair consultant on the original Incredible Hulk television program, and I explained through a complex scientific equation that I can’t legally reprint here that when Banner transforms into the Hulk, his body hair retracts into his skin so his enemies have nothing to grab onto. This excludes his pubes, which are mighty. The hair on his head doesn’t retract because the lice won’t allow it.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn

Hulk Hogan chest hair

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9 thoughts on “Ask Professor Popcorn: The Hulk

  1. I have a question for Professor Popcorn. I was watching Footloose this weekend, drunk of course. It occurred to me that in the scene where the kids are all hanging out front of the restaurant and are literally dancing in the street like the song suggests, they pan to a cook in the kitchen who twirls around and dances in time with the music. How can he even hear the music from the crappy little car stereo when he is all the way back in the kitchen. And how does he even know that it’s dance party time when he can’t even see the kids in the parking lot and when dancing is outlawed in that town?
    Furthermore, how did Kevin Bacon even know about the isolated factory/warehouse place where he goes to dance his rage away. He’s new in town! How can he know about that place, and how can he know that it’s going to be empty when he shows up?
    We might need to have a Footloose post about this from the Professor because my head is hurting thinking about it all over again.


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