Schlocktoberfest X – Video Archives Special Part Five

I really put all of my eggs in the basket thinking that Schlock 2019 was gonna be 80’s based. When I got word that it was gonna be a space-horror theme, I knew that all of these vids that I made would eventually help me out somehow. They did of course – which is why I made this 7-part special and am only doing three reviews for our anniversary, and why am I explaining this to no one?

Moving right along…

I think that our skull should be almost equivalent to Iron Maiden’s “Eddie” as far as mascots go. They have millions of fans of course, and we can’t seem to get the following equivalent of a transvestite make-up guru on Youtube. Nothing wrong with that of course, it’s just that being funny can apparently only get you so far – and we look like utter shit in drag. Anyhoo, I went for a more serious nostalgic vibe for this one.

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