Schlocktoberfest X – Video Archives Special Part One

Hello, and how the Hell are ya to the two Schlocktoberfest fans out there. No, I am not making a self-deprecating joke – I am simply averaging up the gravatar icons at the end of our posts. If I counted the number of comments that weren’t our own, it would be an even lower number – but I’m not here for maths. I’m here to introduce a retrospective of teasers, trailers, and other videos I made that didn’t make the show. As it turns out, consider these a companion piece to Pandemic Week which starts in a couple of days.

Have we achieved comprehension? Good.

This little stroll down memory lane is most likely gonna eat up whatever server space we have left for media. But since I really want to clear out some space on my backup drives, I now post them for the two of you in all of their unfinished glory.


Before we begin, this was submitted to us in response to the numerous variations of MPAA ratings in front of our videos. The fact that he has been dead for 12 years somehow did not matter.

And finally, here is the actual entry for part one.

C’mon a whole month based on sci-fi and I’m not gonna parody the Star Wars opening crawl? You kinda have to at this point.

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