Shake the Scene: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015)

The Scene: Fixing the Millennium Falcon’s Motivator

Why We HATE This Scene: So we have little over a week to go before Episode IX and if you’ve been keeping up with this site, you may have guessed that our enthusiasm for this new Star Wars Trilogy is pretty low. I can honestly say that 99% of my friends in the same age-group feel the same way and are not that excited about how the Skywalker saga is wrapping up. When I see this last episode (last? yeah, right, sure) it will feel like going to an autopsy—You know it’s dead, but you have to see how it died.

That may seem harsh but I’m not really joking either. I kinda felt this way before seeing Revenge of the Sith too after my enthusiasm for the Prequel trilogy fell deflated faster than a balloon in a volcano. But who knows right? Maybe next week I’ll be back on here eating a big fat greasy crow sandwich. Stranger things have happened.

But probably not. I’m not a gambling man but my gut feeling is I will be disappointed. Mainly because of how I felt after the last two. To quickly surmise, I thought the Force Awakens was fine and had some bright spots but ultimately too much of a reboot with hackneyed ideas (plus tonally off—more on that later in this article). The Last Jedi was horribly written and took the saga in directions too far off course. You can reread my reviews to get more of my insights in detail. But because of my disappointment with what J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson gave us, I can’t blame myself for having such low hopes that J.J. again will wrap up all 9 movies in one episode that will appeal to me. 

I was going to rant and rave in more detail about how I think J.J. and Company will fall short in Episode IX but I think I will save that for another post next week. The main purpose of this post was mainly to shit on one scene in particular that has been bothering me since 2015. And that would be this scene:

“Got a boyfriend? A cute boyfriend?”

Are they serious with this line? I mean, besides Finn being incredibly awkward towards Rey, It seems like the worst time to try to pick up the first girl he meets (besides Captain Phasma I suppose). From what we were told, Finn was raised from birth to be a stormtrooper, not even having a name just the number FN-2187 and should be a complete closet-case in normal social situations. How he even knows the ‘thumbs-up’ sign is suspect. But I never in a million parsecs would think that some guy would ask a girl if she has a boyfriend in a Star Wars movie. Especially in a scene where they’re close to being killed by a faulty spaceship. It’s just fucking silly and poorly written, not tonally fit for a Star Wars movie. Maybe I’m being petty and crotchety but it irks me to no end whenever I think about this new trilogy and how off the rails it’s become. I could write a whole blog devoted to just nitpicking all the stupid shit in this new trilogy. But it all starts with “Got a boyfriend? A cute boyfriend?”  


5 thoughts on “Shake the Scene: Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

  1. It is a very dumb line in a really weird spot in the movie, like if they really wanted it in there it couldn’t have been from a quieter moment later on when they were just sitting around talking? But it’s extra weird that he asks if the boyfriend is cute. What does that matter? It would’ve made more sense if he asked if she had a big boyfriend or something, like if she’s with some tough guy he wouldn’t want to get beat up. Ponderous.

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  2. I KNOW!!

    My only other theory as why he specified ‘cute’ is because he’s gay and wants to steal her boyfriend from her. Considering all the murmurs about Finn and Poe possibly being a gay couple my theory holds some water.

    Or maybe he was conditioned as a stormtrooper to question every civilians’ name, rank, boyfriend status.

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