The Hard Ticket Star Wars Report: Rise of Skywalker Theory

Rise of Skywalker Theory

Last week at D23, we got something of a new trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. I say mostly because half of the trailer is footage from the first 8 films designed to remind us fans of what we fell in love with in the first place. But something struck me as very odd in the new footage that gives me some odd thoughts. And that’s this:

C-3PO is a Sith Droid.

Now this whole Disney trilogy is starting to make sense to me. C-3PO will be a Sith droid and more specifically—the droid reincarnation of Darth Vader. It just has to be. Hear me out.

We know that Emperor Palpatine is back. And something about the old Death Star is part of this new installment. Somehow, the Emperor is tied to the wreckage on that Endor planet. Whether he cloned himself or has always been alive stewing in his vengeance for all this time is anyone’s guess but he’s back and it has something to do with the Death Star. Personally, I think Palpatine is a force ghost that learned the ability to possess inanimate or technological beings, kinda like Charles Lee Ray from the Chucky series. Some kind of Sith voodoo is at play. And not only that but he learned the ability to raise the dead of all his other Sith minions. That explains why Rey has the double-bladed saber—she’s possessed by Darth Maul. And Darth Vader is now possessing C-3PO. Maybe on some early mission in the film, Rey and 3PO get captured by the Emperor and this is where he puts the Sith voodoo spell on them. The possessions may not last the whole film but it will be established early on so we can get back Maul and Vader. And if you think that that sounds silly because we never saw that Jedi/Sith power before, well we never saw fast Jedi speed before The Phantom Menace and we never saw Jedi astral projection before The Last Jedi, so there. New movie—new Force rules. Deal with it!

And Vader possessing 3PO makes sense since The Phantom Menace established the fact that Anakin built 3PO so there’s a very emotional bond between them. See, we all thought it was dumb 20 years ago when that whiny pod-racing snot-nosed l’il Vader built C-3PO but now 8 films later it’s for a very good reason! It all ties together awesomely. Personally, I think that J.J. and company are quite ingenious in coming up with this. 

So you’re probably yelling at the screen “Hey, Vader is dead! Luke saved him! The light/good side of him took over. What are you a half-witted, scruffy-looking nerfherder?!” And I must tell you to cool your jets. I think I have the answers. See, the scene at the end of Return of the Jedi when Vader turned from the dark side of the force to light to save Luke from the Emperor something incredibly important happened. As he grabbed the Emperor and threw him down that Death Star reactor shaft two things occured. One, the Emperor used his Sith magic to grab a piece of the remaining Vader dark side essence as he fell down. That essence is what will possess C-3PO. So Anakin, the man, was the one saved by Luke from the exploding Death Star and became a force ghost alongside Yoda and Obi-Wan. So now there’s essentially two Anakins. The second important detail that happened at that scene was the Emperor also used his Sith magic to fuse his essence to the Death Star. You read that right, the reason why the wreckage to the Death Star is important to The Rise of Skywalker is because it contains the spirit of Emperor Palpatine and through proxy, Darth Vader as well!

Whether or not Vader makes an actual appearance or just as C-3PO will remain to be seen. Personally, I will think it’d be tough to get back the iconic black armor and mask. Maybe 3PO will breath the same way. I suppose an all black C-3PO would be awesome. Maybe that’s why they teased us with him having the one red arm in The Force Awakens. Regardless, it’s going to be epic. And since the Emperor is now part of the Death Star this could potentially show us that the Death Star could be rebuilt with Sith power. Maybe Midichlorians band together to rebuild the station to it’s fullest capabilities like nanobots. We do see one quick shot of what appears to be a large laser blast coming from the sky:


Maybe the Emperor will be like Ego from the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 who was a living planet. Or Unicron from Transformers more like since it is a space station. Anyway, the possession angle is what these 9 films have been building up to.

This all makes the most sense as well as greatly enhances the 3 trilogies all together. This will be the best culmination of all 9 films when we learn that Vader could return as the form of his beloved droid. Darth Maul is back for a few scenes but now as a woman but let’s face it the best part about Maul was his double-bladed saber and sweet Sith moves anyway. And the Emperor is back as the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. The Death Star is back baby! We can’t never get enough of planet destroying battle stations!

And who knows, maybe this opens up future possibilities of bringing back other dead beloved characters. Han Solo could possess The Millennium Falcon (or Chewbacca)! Luke could possess R2-D2! Obi-Wan can ironically possess a blaster—He always hated blasters and his grumpy disposition would be hilarious in this new role! Disney could reshape and revamp the Star Wars universe in countless ways!

Man, I hope I’m right on this.



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