Another 7 Things You NEVER Noticed In Famous Movies!

If you’re like me, and if you are the police would probably like to speak with you, there’s nothing you love more than a clickbait article telling you that you’re far too dumb to have noticed things in movies that were incredibly obvious, which happens in nearly every article on Buzzfeed and every video on Screen Rant. But now I’m here with some TRULY useful movie mindblowers that you most definitely NEVER noticed you donkeybrained morons! (Be sure to read our other two installments from 16 years ago here and here!) WARNING: The following revelations may PUT YOUR BRAIN ON ICE THEN MELT THAT ICE THE A DRAGON WILL EAT YOUR BRAIN PUDDLE AND BREATHE BRAIN FIRE AND MELT YOUR BRAIN SOME MORE!

1) 12 Angry Men

During the deliberation scenes, if you look toward the middle of the room, you’ll see an area with a group of men sitting there. These are, in fact, the 12 angry men referred to in the title!



2) Psycho

When Norman Bates’s mother is shown at the end, her rotten, skeletal corpse reveals that she has been dead for quite some time, and that something is amiss!



3) The Shining

When Danny writes “REDRUM” on the door, if you take out a sheet of paper and a pencil and write REDRUM in reverse order, you will see that it spells the word MURDER, possibly referring to murders that or committed and mentioned in the film!



4) Alien

If you watch closely, you will notice that there is but one alien aboard the ship throughout the movie. This is why the movie is called, “Alien,” meaning just one alien!



5) Lawrence of Arabia

Sharp-eyed students of geography have pointed out that the scenes in the desert during the film’s runtime are supposed to be the Arabia area mentioned in the title!

Lawrence of Arabia desert.jpg


6) 2001: A Space Odyssey

Although only onscreen for a second, a desk calendar in on a table reveals the year of the events of the film to be 2001!

2001 desk


7) Raging Bull

The film is based on the real life and career of professional boxer Jake LaMotta, and while the film is shot in black and white, the actual events depicted in the movie took place in color!

Raging Bull color blood


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