Movie Music Mega Madness: Frances Ha!



Frances Ha! (2013)



Yesterday was January the 8th, otherwise better known as David Bowie Day here at the Hard Ticket to Home Video offices. The Thin White Duke would’ve been 70 and still making gorgeous and life-changing music and art. Sadly, some dick in charge of his mortal coil decided he no longer should roam this sad pathetic little excuse of a world. However, even in death, we still got a few new tunes from the genius yesterday in a new EP. I’m listening to it as we speak and loving every second of it.

I’m just glad we had about 50 years of great music from Mr. Bowie and his musical legacy will live forever. He’s one of those artists that will transcend time and every new generation will appreciate his music until the end of time. That’s an honest guarantee. And even if it’s not Ziggy Stardust, Heroes or Let’s Dance some kid will watch Labyrinth and hear “As The World Falls Down” and instantly become a Bowie fan. Remember, he’s a consummate artist that excelled in not just music, but filmmaking as an actor, a poet and painter. He was a Crom-damned Renaissance man in every way, shape or form. 

Usually on David Bowie Day, we post about his film acting performances but today (and yesterday) I heard one of my all-time favorite Bowie tracks, “Modern Love” on the radio and recalled that that song was used to somewhat hilarious or maybe-not-hilarious-but-used-in-an-odd way in Noah Baumbach’s dramedy, Frances Ha. I saw Frances Ha on Netflix a couple of years back, because I tend to like most of Baumbach’s stuff, and while I don’t remember much from Frances Ha now, I did remember this one scene where star and co-writer, Greta Gerwig was running down a NYC street to the song. The rest of the movie was fine, but since I don’t remember anything else, I can’t say much else. I know it also starred Adam Driver and Grace Gummer, Meryl Streep’s [that overrated hack] daughter.  

Again, I’m not sure why this scene is in the movie other than to highlight such a great song and to homage some obscure French film called, Mauvais Sang (“Bad Blood”) that did the exact same thing. 

Frankly, I don’t care because when I hear “Modern Love” I want to do the exact same thing and run around dancing in the streets. But not “Dancing in the Street” because that song and video was the only hiccup in Bowie’s otherwise flawless career.

And while I brought it up, you may as well be entertained by the hilarious and extra-awkward edit of “Dancing in the Street” without the music.



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