Shake the Scene: The Right Stuff


The Right Stuff (1983)

174537main_glenn_john_hrThe Scene: John Glenn becomes President of Space.

Why This Scene is Great: American hero John Glenn has passed away due to complications of being 95. Some say that space finally got its revenge, and who are we to argue? We may never truly know. But what we do know is that he was one of the bravest people to ever inhabit this planet, and a true badass, of which there aren’t many left. Below is the scene from the motion picture The Right Stuff in which Mr. Glenn tells the Earth to shove it and shoots himself into space with very little idea if he’ll come back alive, just because we could (and also, Russia). If you’ve never seen The Right Stuff, it’s real masterwork that you should definitely carve out half of your day to watch. Godspeed, John Glenn.


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