Movie Music Mega Madness: Waiting For Guffman



Waiting For Guffman (1997)


Nothing Ever Happens on Mars

From what I’ve seen or heard, it seems either you hate the Christopher Guest mockumentaries or you love them. Most of my friends love each one and I, included. Seems Guest found a decent niche in making spoof/documentaries since co-writing the profoundly This is Spinal Tap and continued the streak of this sort of satire for 5 more movies; his latest being Mascots on Netflix. All of these mockumentaries are ad-libbed and improvised, usually feature the same ensemble cast and quite frankly, quirky as hell. 

My personal favorite is Best in Show but Waiting For Guffman is a close second. I can totally understand why these types of movies can turn certain people off. Like I said they are quirky but also very deadpan with dry humor and very ridiculous characters. Every one of these types of films have characters that are very unusual with very strange idiosyncratic behaviors. They are not your run-of-the-mill comedies and I can even see the argument that they are pretentious in the way of being a bit snooty and uppity. I’ve never had to defend these Guest flicks but I can see someone not liking them because they prefer their comedy more low-brow perhaps. Or maybe I’m thinking too much on the subject.

Anyway, this song popped in my head the other day and gave me quite the chuckle.


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