Cut to the Chase: The Seven-Ups


The Seven-Ups (1973)

the_seven-ups_1973Any car chase aficionado will tell you that Bullitt and The French Connection are two of the best in cinematic history. Both of those flicks were produced by Philip D’Antoni. But he also produced and directed this underrated and seldom talked about French Connection sequel-in-spirit, The Seven-Ups starring Roy Scheider, leader of a elite squad of dirty, unorthodox police officers who capture criminals whose sentences are always seven years or higher. No, they are not police who drink a lot of lemon-lime soda.

I first caught wind of this gem on Instant Netflix a few years ago. And being a car chase fan, I jumped at the chance to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the car chase scene is but also about how over-all movie well made the movie is. I really can’t figure out why this movie isn’t more well-regarded. Now I’ve only seen it once so I don’t remember too much about the plot but I do remember liking it very much after I watched it. 

However, I do recall the chase scene and luckily YouTube has the whole 10 minute scene in HD for all of us to enjoy. In some ways I like this chase more than The French Connection because it’s two cars in the chase and not just a car chasing an elevated train. Both are set in New York City but in The Seven-Ups, it goes around busy streets, with some police cars being involved as well, over the George Washington Bridge and into the Garden State’s highways. It also has a great part involving a whole bunch of kids playing in the street fleeing for their lives! I also love the finale, not just because it’s heart-pounding and dangerous as hell but also because Roy Scheider actually loses the chase. Highly recommended movie.

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