Star Trek: The Definitive Film Ranking

Star Crash hand ship

With the recent release of the 50th Star Trek movie Star Trek Beyond and this year being the 27th anniversary of the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Worf and Data are forced to make love in front of the Borg to teach them about humanity even though neither of them is human, what better time to rank all of the movies from worst to first? As Spock always says, “It is my belief that we should make love every night from now on, Mr. Scott.”

50. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

49. Star Trek: Nemesis

48. Star Trek II.V: Spock Goes to Hell

47. Star Trek XVII: Timebastards

46. Star Trek X-Treme: Radical Maneuvers

45. Star Trek A.D. 1972

44. Star Trek: Insurrection

43. Star Trek XX: Star Trek Twenty

42. Star Trek XXIII: Uhura’s Choice

41. Star Trek: Trekkin’ Balls

40. Star Trek XVIIX: Rise of the Whales

39. Star Trek Into Darkness 


37. Star Trek: The Mysteries of Women

36. Star Trek Out to Lunch

35. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

34. Star Trek Beyond

33. Star Trek MVX: Invasion of the Hermaphrodites

32. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

31. Star Trek XL: THE BIG ONE

30. Star Trek in SPACE!

29. Star Trek of the Planet of the Apes

28. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

27. Star Trek: The Still Photo

26. Star Trek: The Cereal

25. Star Trek CXVL: Revenge of the Yeti 

24. Star Wars Trek: Captain Yoda of the Starship Millennium Enterprise

23. Star Trek: Klingon Mating Ritual Tutorial

22. Star Trek Generations

21. Star Trek On Ice: The Movie

20. Star Trek

19. Star Trek VIV: Treklemania

18. Star Trek VIX: Vulcannibals

17. Star Trek VIXEN: Edge of a Broken Heart

16. Star Trek’s Hanukkah Spectacular

15. Star Trek Confidential: How Your Government Faked the Moon Landings

14. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

13. Star Trek: Voyage to the Moon

12. Star Trek VD: The Burning Sensation

11. Star Trek Wars: Darth Khan

10. Star Trek LLV: Beer Run

9. Trektopussy

8. Star Trek: First Contact

7. Star Trek VLX: First Blood Part 7: Rambo Part 9

6. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

5. Tar Shrek

4. Star Trek LXIV: Panty Raid

3. Star Trek Behind You!

2. Trektoberfest

1. Star Trek XXX

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