Home Video Alert: Mother’s Day; The Lobster


Mother’s Day (2016)

Mothers Day blu-rayNew on home video today is Mother’s Day which is about In a Growth Opportunity graduation, couple Terry and Charlie are offered a ride from an old woman where they are driven into the woods. After the old woman’s car is stalled, two inbred killers appear and attack; Charlie is decapitated with a machete in the backseat while Terry is brutally assaulted before being garroted by the old lady. It is revealed that the dual killers named Ike and Addley are the woman’s sons, who is nicknamed Mother.

Meanwhile, three adult women with a long-time friendship, Abbey, Jackie, and Trina, are reunited every year for a camping trip at Deep Barons. After stopping at a nearby store for supplies, they arrive at their destination and begin to camp. While in the woods, they begin to explore, sitting around the campfire telling stories and have fun by swimming and fishing, unbeknownst that they are being stalked by Ike and Addley. At night, the two brothers capture the three women in their sleeping bags and brings them to Mother’s cabin residence in the woods. It is revealed that the brothers live alongside with Mother, in which they are raised to commit acts of rape, violence, and murder to impress her.

After the girls are tied up inside the cabin, Jackie is first taken by Mother and the deranged brothers who torture her outside with abuse and assault. The next morning, Abbey and Trina plan to escape as Mother and her boys exercise outside. Inside the house, the two girls discover Terry and Charlie’s bodies and finds a brutalized Jackie inside a drawer. While trying to escape, they are temporarily attacked by the brothers before going outside to assist Mother, who seen her deformed sister Queenie in the wilderness. The trio escape from the cabin and into the woods; Trina finds the car destroyed and is chased by Ike, and Jackie peacefully dies of her wounds. Ike is distracted and Trina reunites with Addley for revenge against Mother and the brothers. Meanwhile, Mother discusses with Addley about her sister Queenie, revealing that Queenie lives out in the woods near the cabin and feeds off of dead animals.

The next morning, Abbey and Trina arm themselves with weapons and begin to invade the cabin to avenge Jackie. After they brutally kill Addley inside the house, they move his body outside before Ike appears and attacks. He tries to strangle Trina before Abbey pours Drano down his throat, damaging him. In the process, Ike is injured from a television set slammed into his head by Abbey and is murdered by Trina with an electric knife. With the brothers dead, the girls gang up on Mother and sadistically suffocate Mother with a sex toy. With their vengeance complete, the two girls make a burial for Jackie and prepare to leave the woods before they are suddenly attacked by Queenie who jumps from behind the bushes as the film fades to yellow.

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The Lobster (2016)

The Lobster blu-rayNew on home video today is The Lobster which is a concert film of The B-52’s that was recorded during their final performance in 2015 and it’s just a 2-hour version of their best song “Rock Lobster” during which lead singer and cowbellist Fred Schneider mutilates himself by severing all of his limbs and replacing them with a lobster tail and claws that were made out of granite quarried by children with lobster hands which Fred supervised and whipped personally and the crowd was just as horrified to learn this information as Fred maniacally laughed about it as they were horrified watching him cut off his own arms and legs with a sharp piece of coral and everyone was expecting him to bleed to death but he thought ahead and had a veterinarian who specialized in crustaceans on hand to make sure the procedure went ok and he was also in charge of tossing Fred’s limbs into the crowd for souvenirs and the fans were so happy about that they forgot all about the horrors they were seeing and hearing and by the end of the show/song when Fred had completed his transformation they were cheering wildly but Fred underestimated how heavy the rock lobster limbs were and he could barely take his customary bow at the finale and lived the rest of his life in agony and he blamed the lobster hand children and had them all deported back to Ireland and you know what he was right to do it.

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