Celebrities I Share a Birthday With: Ranked [UPDATED]

Last year I ranked all the amazing celebrities with whom I’ve which share a birthday for. This year I present to you an updated ranking as new birthday information has come to light:

10. Popcaan


I have no idea who this is.

9. Romee Strijd

Romee Strjid

I don’t know who this person is. But I’d like to.

8. Jon Jones


I don’t watch much MMA, but I know he’s a dope fiend.

7. George Dzundza


Oh, that guy.

6. Vinessa Shaw


Seems… sort of familiar? Maybe? But no.

5. Dan Hicks

Dan Hicks

Oh! He was in Evil Dead II!

4. Fleur DeForce


No clue who this is or what she’s looking at.

3.  Steven Anthony Lawrence

Steven Anthony Lawrence

Seems like I should know his face, but I sure don’t.

2. Abel Ferrara


Director of Driller Killer, inventor of the Porto-Pak, buffalo painter.

1. Pat Hingle


THE Commissioner Gordon. Was also missing his left pinky, I shit you not.

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