Movie Music Mega Madness: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure



Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)



Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is one of those films that I loved when I first saw it in elementary school but it fell out of favor for many years due to some inexplicable momentary lapse in judgment in good humor. Now I love the shit out of it but until I went to college and rediscovered its genius I thought it was too “stonerish” or “stupid” to be bothered with it. Maybe perhaps it had to do with its sequel: Bogus Journey, again which I was naive in thinking was dumb at the time of its release only to discover how awesome it is now. What can I say I had a rough patch in the early 90s—I blame my parents’ divorce.

But another aspect that helped me come back to the fold was its soundtrack which I completely forgotten was a piece of fried gold. At the time of its initial release I didn’t know any of the groups and now I only now one—Extreme—which I always assumed was a girly pop power ballad band due to “More Than Words” but again, I wasn’t always the brightest bulb in my youth. So, sure, I still don’t know any of these bands save for these tracks on the soundtrack but I extremely (HA!) like the soundtrack and find myself playing it from time to time especially these two tracks.


Just in case you’re curious in seeing some phenomenally wicked guitar work by Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt, here’s a clip of him absolutely shredding it. More Than Words my ass.



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