Shake the Scene: From Dusk Till Dawn


From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

From Dusk Till Dawn posterThe Scene: “Fighting” vampires.

Why I Love/Am Confused By This Scene: Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today we’ll look at the best Mexican vampire film since Frida and also starring Salma Hayek but not as hot: From Dusk Till Dawn. I’ve always been a big fan of this picture as it was the perfect blend of action, horror, violence, and boobs during my formative years, which are ongoing. The ending fight with the vampires is great with all the various weapons our protagonists use, and it’s a treat watching them kill the long-haired, naked undead. However, something that really bothers me about it now—and this is true for most one-against-many fight scenes—is when our heroes are in the middle of killing one vampire, the rest of the vampires just kind of hang out and watch. They pretty much just shuffle back in forth, like there’s a queue to step up and fight the good guys (the House of Blue Leaves fight from Kill Bill Vol. 1 is another prime example of this). There are literally vampires just standing there while the heroes’ backs are turned while they’re killing another vampire and they do nothing. This is especially true when Seth is using his jackhammer stake on one vampire, and another vampire is behind him just watching. He should be jumping on his back and biting the bloody shit out of him! Then Vampire Sex Machine does jump on Seth’s back, but Seth easily tosses him off and spends some time playing with his whip, while other vampires are just rambling back and forth behind him. The vampires really should’ve come up with a better fight plan than this. They just look foolish, and all the Mexican werewolves are going to hear about it and make fun of them at the next Mexican Monster Meeting. 

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