Villain Madness 2016: Round 2 Results! Part 2!


Round 2 Results! Part 2!

Group 90s:

Catherine Trammell (63%) castrated Castor Troy’s (38%) toy!
Tyler Durden and the Raptors tied so we can’t tell you who won because in Fight Club we’re not supposed to talk about Fight Club. (Tyler won!)
Tommy DeVito (100%) completely went all shine-box on poor General Hummel (0%)!
The Sheriff of Nottingham (56%) cut the Penguin’s (44%) heart out with a spoon!

Group 2000s:

The Scarecrow’s (63%) fear toxin out frightened Randall’s (38%) Scream Extractor!
Saruman (89%) made man-flesh out of Captain Barbossa (11%)!
Daniel Plainview (56%) deposed the dictator Kim Jong-Il (44%)!
Mystique (56%) drove Stuntman Mike’s (44%) death proof car off a cliff! 

Thank you everyone again for voting! Come back tomorrow for the Sinister 16! If you don’t, Milt will come for you…


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