Villain Madness 2016: Round 2 Results! Part 1!


Round 2 Results! Part 1!

Group 70s:

Dr. Phibes and The Taunting French Guard tied,
so in an undisclosed face-off in Thunderdome, the winner is Dr. Phibes!

Nosferatu (82%) made Virgil “Turk” Sollozzo (18%) sleep with the fishes!
Scorpio (82%) proved that Apollo Creed (18%) is nothing but a bum!
Ash (55%) somehow managed to choke the life out of the Cannibalistic Desert-Dwelling Family (45%)
with a rolled-up magazine! (Seriously, why did he attempt that to Ripley?)

Group 80s:

Stan Gable (63%) Alpha-Beta’d Roy Stalin (38%)!
Roy Batty (67%) killed Vigo the Carpathian (33%) with a bucket of paint thinner!
Jabba the Hutt (75%) threw Paulie (25%) into the Sarlaac Pit!
Rooster and Bull Hurley tied, so in an arm wrestling match to the death, Rooster emerges victorious!

Thank you everyone again for voting!

And remember there’s still some time to vote for Group 90s and 2000s until tomorrow!

Because you know what will happen if you don’t?!

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