Five Stunning Hidden Connections in Tarantino Films

Tarantino shocked

  1. When Mr. Pink exits the warehouse at the end of Reservoir Dogs, he opens the case containing the diamonds, but all that’s inside is a pocket watch. Suddenly, the police arrive and surround him, so he quickly shoves the watch up his ass and travels back in time, even though he had no idea that’s what would happen. He ends up in a tiger cage during the Vietnam war, and promises Butch’s (from Pulp Fiction) dad that he’ll give the watch to his son, even though Butch’s dad has no idea what he’s talking about.
    Mr Pink violin
  2. In Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Bride hacks off the arm of Sofie Fatale. This is the same arm that we see Jackie Brown eating in the opening scene of Jackie Brown.
    Sofie Fatale arm
  3. At the end of Django Unchained, Django and his wife, Hildi, have a baby that they name Colonel Hans Landa, who is the main villain in Inglorious Basterds, and is 83 years old and heavily implied as being the bastard son of Dr. King Schultz, as both characters are played by the same actor.
    Dr. King Schultz
  4. In Death Proof, Stuntman Mike jumps his car over 500 old Chinese men. If you’ll look closely, the 386th man is Pai Mei from Kill Bill Vol. 2.
    Pai Mei Kill Bill
  5. Deep into hour four of The Hateful Eight, Mr. Pink suddenly materializes, having become unstuck in time, and frantically tries to shove every object he can find up his ass in a desperate hope of breaking the curse.
    Mr Pink is it bad

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