True or False Trivia: Friday the 13th Part 3


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Friday the 13th Part 3 (1982)

1) Part 3 was the first production to use the Marks 3-D system, and it was a constant learning process. The earliest scenes they filmed, such as the opening tracking shot and Shelly and the bikers at the convenience store, had to be completely re-shot due to difficulties with the 3D camera. Plus, they had to be careful about which colors to include in costumes, and everything had to be lit far brighter than normal. It took hours to set-up individual shots meaning the actors on the film spent most of their time simply sitting around waiting for the next shot to be set-up, a common on-set experience for actors but just far longer than normal this time.

This focus on 3D spilled over to the actors. Initially, they were asked to learn how to use a paddle ball for a planned 3D sequence. When that was scrapped, they looked for any way the actors could do something that would play well in 3D, like Larry Zerner’s juggling or throwing a wallet straight at the camera, or another actor dropping a yo-yo down toward a camera. Indeed, many of the actors now recall that there was far more focus on finding cool 3D things for them to do than actually bothering with silly little things like character motivation, or, you know, acting.


2) The decision to abandon Jason’s burlap bag for his now-iconic hockey mask was made to capitalize on the public’s terror of New York Islanders goalie Billy “Hatchet Man” Smith, who murdered 13 opposing players on the ice during the 1980-81 NHL season, as well as six fans—a record that still stands today. Although feared, Smith was also lauded for the creativity of his kills, most involving his skates and stick, but he would also slash throats with chunks of ice, stuff pieces of net down players’ throats, and one time he simply scared a defenseman to death just by staring at him for an hour. “But I always preferred just a good ol’ fashioned punching them to death,” Smith said in a 1996 interview. The Islanders won four consecutive Stanley Cups with Battlin’ Billy between the pipes, so no court could convict him. Smith would go on to slaughter 31 more players and 10 more fans until his retirement in 1989. They say he still roams the rink to this day… watching… always on the prowl for intruders… ready to kill… ready to devour… ready to punch to death… thirsty for icy blood.

Billy Smith

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