Coming Tomorrow: Schlocktoberfest V!



It’s that time of the year again fellow Schlockers! Time to get spooky, get kooky, sit on our booties, and watch some dookie. HOWEVER, we’re mixing things up for our fifth-annual Schlocktoberfest. We have culled together 31 ROCKTASTIC horror-related features. You read that right—a whole month of nothing but music-related crap. We will indeed ROCK OUT with our SCHLOCK OUT! We do hope you join us for the first (and most likely last) time we indulge in one sub-sub-subgenre of flicks that are destined to all be regrettable and painful. Hopefully we’ll find (or revisit) a few that turn out decent but we’re predicting a very tough month.

To make matters even more interesting, instead of just the flicks, we will also be grading the bands and musicians that are featured in each movie. We have also created a scale-grading system to rate these cinematic rockers.


The best bands get the top honor of “Goes to Eleven” while the wastes-of-space get the lowest “Shit Sandwich” rating.

We hope you have as much fun banging your heads to the tunes and to a wall at how excruciatingly awful some of this garbage is as we will. And because we couldn’t do a full month alone of this crap, we also welcomed back guest Schlocker Jim!

So for those about to Schlock…We salute you!

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