The Unsung Heroes of Hollywood: Clint Howard

While we all adore and root for the stars and starlets of tinseltown, there is a treasure-trove of good men and women who have been integral to the success of all our favorite films. Bona fide, hard working and talented people who may never star in a film or see their name on a poster hanging in the local cineplex but will never escape our minds and imaginations when it comes to some good iconic and funny roles they play. This column is a tribute to the “Oh, That Guy” types, the common actor and the B-listers. They are the…


Clint Howard

Age: 56 (that is an OLD 56…)

Number of Film & TV Roles: 231

Notable Roles: Apollo 13; How the Grinch Stole Christmas; Santa with Muscles; Ice Cream Man; Carnosaur; The Waterboy; Evilspeak; Tango & Cash; The Rocketeer; Rock ‘n’ Roll High School; The Jungle Book; The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh; many other Ron Howard films past and future

Typical Role: Crazy weirdo; kindly weirdo; guy who is sort of a normal guy just trying to do his job but is also kind of weird

Why He’s Great: Clint Howard is the man, and is arguably by far the most talented person in his family. Judging by his extraordinarily lengthy filmography, he’ll literally be in anything, and always seems like he’s putting forth a solid effort while having a good time to boot. He’s actually a pretty decent actor, but living in his brother’s long shadow and his untraditional good looks have held him back from mainstream leading man status. So he has to settle for the lead in Ice Cream Man.

Clint Howard’s Wikipedia page

Clint Clips:

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