Shake the Scene: Weird Science (TV edit)


Weird Science (1985)

weird-science-posterThe Scene: The quintessential ’80s science-gone-awry movie is dubbed for television, with confusing and hilarious results. 

Why I Love This Scene: There are several hilariously bad TV edits out there: Repo Man, The Big Lebowski, and the king of them all, Die Hard 2, just to name a few. But we’re here today to focus on Weird Science, which I remember watching the TV dub of a few times when I was a kid, probably more so than the actual cut, which led to me calling everyone “muchachos” and “braggarts.” My favorite dubs include:
0:57 – “If I don’t he beats the [stuff] outta me!”
1:32 – “No [shaft].” (plus repeated use of the word “muchacho”)
1:50 – “You’re stewed, butt[wart]!” (how is “wart” better than “wad” in this context?)
1:53 – “You two donkey [nerds] couldn’t get [made] in a morgue.” (haha, what??)


One thought on “Shake the Scene: Weird Science (TV edit)

  1. Lol! This post is great. They don’t do that with the movies they show on TV in the UK (if they’re “naughty”, they’re just shown unedited after 9pm). My hubby still finds it extremely weird that I grew up watching edited versions of some of his favorite 80’s teen films. He’s desperate to see the TV version of The Breakfast Club, though, as scenes were changed. Wish I’d kept my videotape of it! The one I remember being most confused by was Fast Times at Ridgemont High – I’d only seen the TV version I’d recorded for YEARS then when I saw the actual thing, there were additional scenes but also missing scenes that were only in the TV version?? WTF was THAT all about? It’s ridiculous, really. Well, that’s American TV for you – excessive violence is okay but you can’t say “buttwad”! ; )


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