Movie Music Mega Madness: Back To School



Back To School (1986)

back_to_schoolFor no real good reason, today I just wanted to quickly post this scene of the legendary Oingo Boingo playing “Dead Man’s Party” from Rodney Dangerfield’s third starring feature, Back to School. This clip not only has Rodney being is usual funny wise-cracking-self but also Robert Downey Jr. making a complete ass of himself. Back in the 80s the only songs I knew of Oingo Boingo were this and Weird Science, both great songs, yet they never rose to prominence on the charts or consciousness of the time. Which is criminal because after hearing more of their music after getting more acquainted with them while I was in college, I realized that they were a great band with a lot of great tunes. In a way I guess it was good that they weren’t mainstream because now they seem more timeless, as opposed to that quirky house band from the 80s fronted by Danny Elfman. 



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