Shake the Scene: Batman Commercials


Batman (1989)

Batman Bob toyThe Commercials: All this Batman talk this week got me thinking of the absolute onslaught of merchandising that was unleashed upon the world at the time. Batman stuff was EVERYWHERE, and we really hadn’t seen a marketing blitz like it since the heyday of Star Wars. We’d had big movies throughout the ’80s, but Back to the Future, Ghostbusters and Gremlins didn’t have quite the deluge of toys and junk that Batman had (although Gremlins came pretty close, I have a Gremlins storybook with record from a fast food chain in my garage). I was 12 when Batman came out, so I was the perfect mark for all this stuff. Unfortunately, all my family could afford was a rotten summer squash that my mom put lipstick on to make it look like The Joker. Anyway, here are enough Batman commercials from 1989 to make your want to smash your piggybank and run to Toys R Us with a severe case of Batmania, only to make you disappointed, so you’ll take that money to the nearest bar and fully enjoy adulthood!



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