True or False Trivia: Spider-Man 3


One of the fascinating pieces of trivia below is true*, the other is false. Do YOU know which is which?

Spider-Man 3 (2007)

1) On May 4th, 2007, while promoting the film on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992), Thomas Haden Church revealed that he broke three knuckles during the subway scene where he swings to punch Spider-Man and ends up punching a chunk of the wall away. Church said that the effects crew had told him that the brick in the middle was fake while the upper and lower ones were real. Unfortunately, the foam brick had not actually been put in place yet, and when Sam Raimi yelled ‘action’, Church spun around and punched the real brick on the first take.


2) The character of Venom was actually never intended to be used whatsoever throughout filming. It wasn’t until after all shooting had wrapped and sets and costumes completely destroyed that the studio insisted Venom be included in the movie, but they only budgeted $38 to make it happen. Undaunted, director Sam Raimi decided to superimpose a filthy vagrant wearing a dime-store costume over most of Kirsten Dunst, who was supposed to be confronting Spider-Man through constant nagging throughout the picture. In the final fight scene with Venom, Spider-Man was originally to be beating Mary Jane with pipes after finding out she slept with Sandman for money. To help complete the illusion throughout the film, Raimi had his brother, Ted, hand paint a black costume onto Spider-Man frame-by-frame, and also used secret footage of Tobey Maguire acting like a douchebag to explain Peter’s personality change. However, Raimi didn’t help the confusion by leaving in dialogue of characters saying, “Where’s Venom?” and “I wonder what Venom would think of this?” even though in the finished picture he’s standing right there in front of them.


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