Today’s Headlines presented by Killer Gene Shalit! 2-26-2014


Looks like a new Spider-Man-based movie will swing into theaters every year! Maybe one of them will actually be good!

Not even Harold Ramis’s vengeful spirit will keep Ghostbusters 3 from happening, it seems, meaning this production will go from just a bad idea to pretty sad. Who legacy ya gonna tarnish?

Finally, the Smurfs 3 news you’ve been waiting for! It’s going to be all animated, instead of an animated/Neil Patrick Harris hybrid. I’m surprised they’re even making a third one, since the first two blue.

Who’s excited for Shrek 5?! Hmm, no? Well, seems like people are ogre it…

Today’s Birthdays: Bill Duke is gonna have him some fun at 71!

[Today’s Trailer: Godzilla (new full trailer)]

17 thoughts on “Today’s Headlines presented by Killer Gene Shalit! 2-26-2014

  1. Sweet Bosco syrup! That Godzilla looks like it might be better than the classic starring Matthew Broderick.

    Ivan Reitman directing Ghostbusters 3 might help. And I have no doubt that Egon’s spirit will make an Obi-Wannish appearance, which will cause such an uproar over likenesses, rights and tact, but ultimately bring the studio/film so much attention and money. Tastefulness aside, an ethereal Egon appearance could easily fit into Ghostbusters 3.


  2. I’m excited for Shrek 5! Even though that character has been totally played out to completion… I will still go see those movies because damn, do I love me some ogre humour.


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