Shake the Scene: The Warriors


The Warriors (1979)


Why I Love This Scene: Find me a better gang fighting movie! You can’t. This film is pure adrenaline and sadly they don’t make movies like this anymore. It has a great comic book-esque nature and the narrative is like an old video game with the on-the-run Warriors going from level to level like Double Dragon. It also feels like a western, again thanks to the great direction and style from Walter Hill. Part of me feels like this film may have inspired the WWE in terms of themed fighters like the all-girl Lizzies and the Baseball Furies; a gang that not only wears baseball uniforms and carries bats but also wears war makeup like the Ultimate Warrior.

This great, fun film popped into my head today, sadly, for morose reasons. I read today that Roger Hill, who played gang leader Cyrus, passed away today. So this is the only way I can give homage to a fallen warrior.

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