Subject: Elisabeth Shue

We just thought you’d all enjoy this movie-based email exchange we had once:

MARCH 2009

BRAD: A guy I used to work with at the movie theatre used to call the Shue’s home in NJ and just hang up whenever her dad Jim Shue answered. He said that Jim Shue always answered the phone: “Jim Shue.” I don’t know why but that always made me laugh envisioning some chubby geeky teenager calling up the Shue home hearing “Jim Shue” and then hanging up.

BRIAN: Haha, gym shoe!  Did he ever call his brother Gum?

BRAD: Ya know I didn’t even see the joke in that way. NOW its even FUNNIER!!


BRAD: Jim Shue is probably not too happy:

Liz Shue

BRIAN: I know, that’s his dog! Is that a recent picture?

BRAD: Not sure. But this past week is full of Shue-News! I just read in EW she’s in some dumb Thomas Haden Church flick [seriously who keeps giving that ugly dumb-looking man work?] and now she’ll be in a remake of Piranha. Hope the fish literally eat the pants of her.

BRIAN: SHNUEWS! I’m going to be in Cannes during the time of the film festival.  Maybe I’ll see her there and ask her all about her upcoming slate and if she’d like to pose nude for my camera.

BRAD: Better yet as she tries to pass you, block her and say “no one leaves without singing the blues.” SHBLUES! You can also accost her for ruining Claudia Wells career for good.

BRIAN: I’ll punch her in the face and say, “THAT’S FOR CLAUDIA!!” I’ll ask her if she wants to go for a drink at Cocktails and Dreams, and then convince her to commit suicide.

BRAD: Andrew and Elizabeth are a pair of Shues.

BRIAN: I wonder what religion that family is. Shuish?

BRAD: Shutheran.

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