Movie Music Mega Madness: Top Secret!



Top Secret! (1984)

Top_secret_ver1Whatever happened to the great American spoof comedy? Since the third Naked Gun we have been in such a horrible slump when it comes to parodies and spoofs. Most of them copy-cats of the Naked Gun series. Most of them starring the de facto spoofmeister Leslie Nielsen. Spy Hard, Wrongfully Accused and 2001: A Space Travesty to name just a few. Then came the Scary Movie series which I’ve only seen the first one and that was enough for me. Then along came the Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer duds. Even the mighty Wayans clan of comedians have been stinking up the genre. I mean, come on, why the massive dip in creative talent and writing? The Zucker Bros and Jim Abrahams may not have invented the genre but they did revolutionize the film comedy and made the craziest ones of the lot. But while researching them for this post I didn’t even realize that David Zucker has directed 2 of the Scary Movie sequels and like I said, I have not seen them but I doubt they are in the same class as Airplane or Top Secret. But maybe the ZAZ guys need to work together to make a great spoof comedy. But the genre is in dire need of life-support. 

Top Secret is a prime example of great satire and slap-stick comedy. Just looking at the movie poster makes me giggle like an idiot. I saw this one after I saw The Naked Gun and Airplane when I was a tad older (around 11 or 12). I saw that VHS cover with the cow wearing boots and I rented it immediately. It quickly became my favorite and with the opening song of Skeet Surfin’ there’s no question why. 

15 thoughts on “Movie Music Mega Madness: Top Secret!

  1. I love this song and I could not agree with you more that the whole spoof/parody genre is in serious need of defibrillation. Skeet Surfin’ is one of the funniest songs ever, and probably one of the most hilarious ways to start a movie.
    I also love the song How Silly Can You Get, it always gets my toes tapping.


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