Today’s Headlines presented by Death Bed! 10-30-2013


Rise and Shine Campers! Death Bed here with some comfy news for you all:

Is there anyone out there who really wanted a Prometheus sequel? Well get ready to get down with the fact that its coming whether you like it or not.

This news really gives me a neck kink, Marvel seems to have listened to its rightly so, pissed-off fans that The Mandarin was a [SPOILER] alcoholic down-and-out actor in Iron Man 3 and has decided to make a one-shot film featuring the “REAL” Mandarin for future film.

Here’s some news worth chewing on, or in my case slowly dissolving, David Goyer has signed a three-year first look deal with Warner Brothers. Goyer has his most success lately with the Nolan Batman and Superman movies and I’m sure 3 more years of mediocre DC comic movies will benefit having him on board. 

[And now a little bedtime story]


6 thoughts on “Today’s Headlines presented by Death Bed! 10-30-2013

  1. I still haven’t even seen Prometheus and a sequel is already in the works? I miss the old days when it took time to conceive a good sequel. Now they’re just carelessly cranked out and meaningless.


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