Shake the Scene: Gremlins 3


Gremlins 3 

Gremlins-Mondo-PosterThe Scene: Gremlins Vs. Batman! Indiana Jones and the Well of Gremlins! The Goomlins! And so on and so forth…

Why I Love This Scene: So this isn’t technically a movie, but it’s so awesome it should be shared anyway. Of course, you all know the scene in Gremlins 2: The New Batch where the film stops in the middle and gremlins appear like they’re in the projection booth and put on a nudie film and Hulk Hogan yells at them. It’s just as incredible as it sounds. And in an amazing move of pure fantasticness, in the home video version instead of using the melting film and Hulk Hogan, they replaced it with TV static and John Wayne shooting the gremlins. What a movie! So this fan-made film is a DVD version of that, using CG gremlins inserted into famous movie scenes. It actually looks great, and it’s really funny (I can never get enough of a gremlin laughing at another gremlin being hurt). It really makes me want to see a real Gremlins 3 (the closest thing we have is this fan film and this commercial) and it gives me faith that a CG (plus puppetry) version of Gremlins could work. With all the lazy cash grabs Hollywood is anally discharging these days, why not make a Gremlins 3, I ask you? ANSWER ME!

9 thoughts on “Shake the Scene: Gremlins 3

  1. The awesome thing about this is that the puppeteer who created this actually got one of the original molds used for the Gremlins to create about 6 (I think) new puppets and created this short over a period of about 2 months. There was talk of using it for an eventual special edition blu-ray release, but that never materialized.


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