Movie Music Mega Madness: Little Shop of Horrors


Welcome to our newest column where we dust off our old cassette tapes to share some of our favorite musical movie moments.

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

Little Shop of Horrors posterLittle Shop of Horrors wasn’t a movie everyone flocked to the theaters to see in ’86, but people devoured it on home video, and it received a major run on HBO, which young me must have watched at least 86 times, planted in front of the TV. As a result, the catchy songs rooted themselves into my head, even though some of the lyrics were over my head, but they were pretty much all about horror, and that was the cat’s pajamas in my book. And I wasn’t sure why at the time, but there was something hypnotic about Audrey I’s cleavage…

“Skid Row (Downtown)”

A lovely little ditty about how everyone hates their lives. I always loved how everyone goes from depressed and gets progressively pissed off, back to hopeless, then sort of hopeful, but then go back to normal. None of you are going anywhere.

“Grow for Me”

Rick Moranis is a national treasure, and they did a great job of making Audrey II seem lifelike in this scene and throughout the whole movie, but here it actually feels like Seymour is interacting with an infant. The sound effects really help sell this song, especially when Audrey II makes her little sucking noises and when Seymour’s drops of blood hit her mouth. I still make these sounds when my wife is late with dinner.

“Somewhere That’s Green” and “Suddenly Seymour”

I’m lumping these two together since they’re the only two hopeful songs in the whole movie. Dammit, you just want these two kids… well, late-30-somethings to get together and have a nice life.


Such a great combination of a darkly funny song and slapstick. Steve Martin performed this role brilliantly.

“Feed Me (Git It)”

This is the musical centerpiece of the movie and the moment things get out of hand for poor Seymour. Although, I always wondered why Seymour couldn’t just gather up a bunch of rats or something to feed Audrey II.

“Mean Green Mother from Outer Space”

This song is so much fun. It’s just a little nerd from the ghetto versus a space monster. I love the little singing buds. Plus, “No shit, Sherlock” and “Tough titty” are phrases I’ve used throughout my life thanks to this movie.

BONUS! “Finale (Don’t Feed the Plants)”

Here’s a little extra for you: the original ending to the movie that I didn’t even know existed until I started writing this post. Basically, Audrey II kills Audrey I and Seymour, then little Audrey II’s are sold in stores and become a craze, and naturally they all grow to enormous sizes and destroy everything and take over the world. It’s a pretty awesome ending (even though it kind of goes on way too long) and unique in that the villain wins, but nobody wanted to see Seymour die, so they re-shot the ending to have Seymour and Audrey I triumph but with a little Audrey II on their picket fence at the end. Wish they’d gone with this dystopian ending instead of the sappy one? Tough titty, kid.

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