Reel Quick: Lethal Weapon 5


Lethal Weapon 5 (2010)


Starring: Mac, Dennis Reynolds, Frank Reynolds, Charlie Kelly

Directed by: Mac & Dennis

Synopsis:  Someone has tainted the tap water supply and has killed someone who is Murtaugh’s wife, so Murtaugh and Riggs must track down the local evil Indian chief responsible.

Best part(s): The ending when Riggs and Murtaugh fire their guns into the air by the graves of their dearly departed wives is one of the most touching scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.

Lethal Weapon 5 shoot

Worst part(s): The blackface is regrettable.

Best line(s):

Chief Lazarus: Even sharks need water!

Nudity: There’s a pretty vile sex scene between Chief Lazarus and a hooker.

Overall: An amazing effort from some very talented filmmakers, who have also found success off-broadway with The Nightman Cometh. Although not seeing Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in their classic roles may be a little strange at first, Mac and Dennis Reynolds do a more than capable job filling in, and honestly I think they bring a little more humanity to the characters. Admittedly, the role switch halfway through was pretty jarring, but you get used to it quickly because the performers are so smooth and not much attention is brought to the transition. The use of blackface may be offensive to most, but others may appreciate its proud tradition in cinema, in particular in films such as The Jazz Singer and Othello. As for the rest of the cast, Frank Reynolds is perfect in the role of the evil and fleet-footed villain Chief Lazarus, and Charlie Kelly does the best he can as the police chief and various henchmen. All in all, the story is engrossing and the action is spectacular. Gibson and Glover must be kicking themselves that they passed up on this chance.

Score: 9 glasses of tainted tap water (out of 10)

15 thoughts on “Reel Quick: Lethal Weapon 5

  1. Just can’t decide which is better out of “Lethal Weapon 5” – or “Threat Level Midnight” written & directed by Michael Scott!!


  2. I was streaming it when I saw this episode for the first time and I literally had to pause it every 20 seconds because I was laughing too hard and didn’t want to miss anything. Awesome!


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