Ask Professor Popcorn: Top Gun


Welcome to our newest column where our readers can pose their most puzzling questions about movies to our resident dean of pictures, Professor Popcorn. He is a film scholar and scientist, as well as philanthropist, amateur test pilot, amateur porn star and folk musician.

ProfessorPopcorn-Top Gun

Dear Ace,

You’re correct that the film makes no mention of any nation or terrorist group that the Top Gun school combated in the Indian Ocean. However, upon further research, I found that back in the early 80s Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, while on a 72-hour cocaine bender actually bought a small island in the Indian Ocean and called it Migakhstan. They went on to put in place a dictatorship with a small army consisting of a dozen or so fighter jets (the MiG-28s) just for the new script they bought about a Navy aerial combat school. Most people are completely  unaware that all the aerial fighting done in the film is 100% real. Even the actors, Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt and Tim Robbins were kept in the dark about the actual enemies in the film that they were fighting. The MiG-28 fighters were never trained for aerial combat so they were just sitting ducks so the American actors had no reason to worry anyway. The only person involved with the film who knew about the small nation was Val Kilmer, who after filming finished attempted a coup all by himself to become dictator but ultimately failed.

Your picture pal,
Professor Popcorn

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