Shake The Scene: Labyrinth

Labyrinth (1986)

The Scene: MAGIC DANCE!!

Why I Love This Scene: In honor of the Thin White Duke’s 66th Birthday today, here is the Magic Dance scene from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. What more can be said. It’s a brilliant and fun scene from a brilliant and fun kids’ flick. It has scores of muppets…goblin muppets to be more specific and a very flamboyant and mischievous David Bowie hamming it up for the kiddies. While most of our mid-30s generation was most likely introduced to Bowie through his smash hit album “Let’s Dance” a few years earlier, this movie stands out for me especially as my first real introduction to him. I’m a huge fan of Bowie now and I regard Labyrinth as one of those not-so-guilty pleasures I still enjoy and look forward to showing my daughters when they get a tad older.

Did You Know: The baby Tobey’s gurgling (or gaa-gaa sounds) made during the song are non other than Bowie’s own voice. Beat that Jagger!!

6 thoughts on “Shake The Scene: Labyrinth

  1. This movie seemed to come on tv like once a month in the early 90’s. I would always turn it on like in the middle of the movie and I’d watch maybe five minutes and then turn it off. Maybe if I tried watching it from the beginning I’d care about it.


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