You Dumb Kid: Well Call Me When You’re … Not an Old Pervert.




In the very beginning of the film Rodney, as a kid photographer, is at a little girl’s birthday party and he says “How old are you?” She says “This.” and holds up a five fingers and he replies, “Well call me when you’re this.” and he flashes up ten fingers twice, meaning twenty. As a kid I thought the little girl was his own daughter, played as an adult by Jennifer Jason Leigh. I only thought that because shortly after their age conversation he gives her advice on boys and relationships. In the rest of the movie Rodney struggles with his daughter’s choice in who she marries, Julio, played with aplomb by Taylor Negron. So I guess I thought he was trying to steer the little girl in marrying a good guy and it just didn’t work out. I never assumed he wanted to date the little girl when she reached 20 but was just trying to make her happy or to smile. Turns out he was just a creep.

I just wanted to say that I love this post, because it makes absolutely no sense. – Brian

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