Home Video Alert: Life of the Party


Life of the Party (2018)


Life of the Party bluNew on home video today is Life of the Party which is about a dull woman named Cindy who is invited to a sorority party as a joke and all the college kids laugh at her lame attempts to party and the sorority sisters decide to pull the ultimate prank and smash her over the head with a trophy they won in the Greek Games and while she’s knocked out they implant a small bomb in the pleasure center of her brain and and drive her to the middle of nowhere and tell her that she must party nonstop or the bomb will explode and will destroy not only the pleasure center of her brain but her entire brain and head as well but Cindy is so dull that she has no idea how to party especially in the middle of nowhere so she just starts dancing and singing Bible hymns on the side of the road but it doesn’t seem to be enough as the pleasure center of her brain starts vibrating indicating that she needs to party harder and then a prison bus full of prisoners comes by and the bus driver asks her if she needs a ride and she says ok but she needs to keep partying don’t ask why and so she gets on the bus and starts dancing like a maniac on top of the seats and the prisoners absolutely go wild for it and they all cheer for her and also hoot and/or holler and she’s very taken aback because no one has ever cheered for her or given her any sort of positive attention before even prisoners so she stops dancing and starts weeping tears of joy and takes a bow but because she does this she stops partying and her head explodes and showers all the prisoners with brains and brains also get in the bus driver’s eyes so he drives the bus off the road and the roof comes off somehow and all the prisoners escape and ironically they’re all in prison for murdering college kids so they head to the nearest college and the college kids who did that to Cindy get their comeuppance during the party and Cindy gets her revenge but can’t enjoy it because she has no head and besides that party was pretty beat anyway.

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