Shake the Scene: Orgazmo


Orgazmo (1997)

orgazmoposterThe Scenes: “I Don’t Wanna Sound Like A Queer Or Nothin’.”

Why We Love This Scene: We were immediate South Park fans as soon as the hilarious and influential show hit Comedy Central (holy shit) 20 years ago! Actually, before South Park we watched the crude, rude and lewd “Jesus vs. Santa” short on the inter webs in college. I, for one, never knew that the creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone made some flicks before South Park that didn’t gain attention until South Park became the phenomenon—Cannibal! The Musical, BASEketball and this, Orgazmo.

Back in the late 90s, I was sure that Parker/Stone would be the next Zucker brothers with their spoofs and highly-irreverent satirical movies and TV shows. In fact, BASEketball was directed by David Zucker which gave me more of an inclination that the spoof torch was being passed. In a way, I was right, although they more or less concentrated on South Park with only a couple of movies in between (as well as a critically-acclaimed Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon). I’m always hoping they do more straight-up and simple spoof movies in the future.

Dave the photographer in Orgazmo is the type of character that is a running gag that escalates and gets more absurd as the movie progresses. He’s not a prominent character in the film and only pops in a few times saying something weird and claiming he’s “not a queer” as if anyone is interested anyway. Parker/Stone have a ton of sophomoric and lewd jokes in their work and Dave is of no exception.  

It’s been a long while since I last seen Orgazmo but for no particular reason, Dave popped in my head this morning. Look, I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nothin’ but I think Dave is hilarious.

One thought on “Shake the Scene: Orgazmo

  1. This was a catchphrase in my group when we were teenagers… but it had to include the face at the end. God I love the choda boys that write on this site!


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